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About Developer portal

How does the Developer portal work?

Users can sign into the portal using their Danfoss profile credentials. Based on their profile (company internal, partner, public...) they can see different APIs and their documentation.
Once logged in, users interested in accessing one of Danfoss APIs can register their application on the Developer portal.
Then, the user will need to subscribe to the appropriate API(s) from the list of available APIs for the registered application. In some cases (usually for some Sandbox environments), the request is granted automatically. In other cases, the API Product Owner will review the request before approving. After approval, an e-mail with notification will be sent to the developer.

Who is the Developer portal designed for?

For Danfoss API consumers, which can be Danfoss employees - developers, but also Danfoss partners and external users, using Danfoss public APIs.

I had an account on the old developer portal. Do I need to re-register?

No need to re-register. The Developer portal is available through the same general Danfoss profile as before. You can see and edit your Danfoss profile on

Is it mandatory to register a user to refer to the API documentation?

Yes. Only registered users can see the APIs in the catalog and access the API documentation.


Are there examples available for response and request? Where can I see samples of data returned from each of the APIs?

Please check each API page under Proxies and use the Tryout functionality (see how in the Get started section). There, we also strive to provide examples for response and request. You can also turn to the API Product Owner with suggestions for improving the examples provided.

Where do I go to request API Keys?

Log in with your developer account > Go to My Apps in the menu under your username > Add a new App
There you can choose the API(s) you want to use and get their keys and secrets. You can also see step-by-step guide in the Get started section.

I'm not getting the expected response? Who do I contact?

On each API page under Proxies you will see listed technical support contacts. You can use these for technical clarification, development help, error handling and similar requests.

I have an idea or a request for adding additional features to an API. Who do I contact?

On each API page under Proxies you will see listed Product Owner contacts. You can use these for ideas or requests for change.

How long does it take for my App to be given access to the open API as I have requested?

Access requests are being handled by the API Product Owners. When the request is made, they will be notified by email and will get back to you as soon as possible.